Welcome to Nahanni.

The Nahanni Valley embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration as a place that offers unique experiences, mysteries and natural wonders. As both a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site, the Nahanni Valley remains pristine and virtually untouched due to a lack of any tourist accommodations and limited access - this remote park is only accessible by boat or plane.








We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to help raise awareness, involve our friends and family and enable the development of our project.

Be part of the expedition team as backers gain exclusive access to our “Behind The Scenes” mutual experience which includes more in-depth stories, interviews and off-camera moments to give more then just a taste of our journey.


Nicknamed the “Valley of Headless Men”, this expedition seeks to explore and document its numerous mysteries, natural wonders and strange incidents that reaches back hundreds of years.

The Nahanni’s rugged mountains, wild rivers and remoteness make it one of the most difficult regions to access in the world and the perfect refuge for the legends of lost tribes, evil spirits and gold.


From our expedition we will produce a documentary series to create a unique first-person experience.

Join us as we journey deep into Nahanni Valley, venturing into areas often avoided and rarely explored to shed some light on any clues and uncover “survivors of the past” that may linger there still today.

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